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Spicy Fruit Chaat

We would like to introduce this palette freshening spiced fruit salad expertly prepared with a delicious Punjabi flavoured tang.

Pasta (Punjabi Style)

Here at Bobby’s we are very proud to present an Italian-inspired pasta spiced and seasoned with a classic Indian twist.

Chana Masala Spicy Noodles

A traditional oriental-inspired yet surprisingly  Indian-spiced noodles delivers a unique twist to this authentic flavoursome dish.

Baingan Pakora

A Sliced aubergine in gram (or chickpea) floured, spiced, then deep-fried in batter and served with a fantastic tamarind sauce.

Mushroom Pakora

Another Bobby’s favourite is a Gram (or chickpea) floured deep-fried mushroom Pakora. Cooked to perfection as usual by our top…

Gobi Pakora

A gram – or chickpea – floured and spicy-battered cauliflower that’s deep-fried then served with a tamarind sauce.

Palak Pakora

Freshly picked spinach leaves, traditionally spiced and deep-fried in a very light and fluffy batter for the ultimate Palak Pakora.

Aloo Pakora

The Aloo Pakora is expertly made from deep-fried potato in a special spiced gram (or chickpea) flour and butter mixture.

Aloo Tikki

Here is a gloriously deep-fried potato-and-vegetable Indian patty served with some freshly picked mint and herb sauce.

Paneer Roll

A fresh Filo pastry which is filled with delicious cheese then deep-fried and freshly served with a tangy mint and…