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Chicken Tikka Masala

This all time classic is marinated chicken with yogurt, skewered and char-grilled, served with fresh coriander leaves.

Keema Bhuna

Finely cooked ground meat infused with slow-roasted herbs and spices, garnished with freshly picked coriander leaves.

Chicken Kofta

Wonderful ground chicken balls with roasted herbs and spices, served with a delicious coriander garnish to finish off the dish.

Tandoori Chicken Legs (3 Pieces)

Freshly cooked Tandoori chicken legs, marinated with traditional Indian herbs and spices then garnished with coriander.

Methi Chicken (Boneless)

Freshly cooked chicken pieces lovingly marinated in herbs and spices and then finished in flavoured fenugreek leaves for the ultimate…

Lamb Tikka

Deliciously tasty pieces of lamb marinated in a perfectly spiced yogurt then served with freshly picked authentic spices.

Chicken Kebabs

Professionally prepared Ground chicken, spiced and cooked then served with a delicious amount of tangy mint chutney.

Lamb Bhuna

Succulent pieces of juicy lamb, flavoured with a traditional recipe of home-roasted and ground herbs and spices.

Chicken Niblets

We present some tasty chicken niblets which are served amidst roasted herbs and spices served with a freshly picked leafy…

Jeera Chicken (Boneless)

We would like to introduce this Cumin-flavoured chicken, expertly roasted and served with plenty of fantastic mint chutney.