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Gulab Jaman and Ice-Cream

Gulab Jaman and Ice-Cream is a sweet fried dough-ball in a syrup and served with ice-cream. Wonderful after a main…


Jelebi is another traditional Asian favourite and is made using maida-flour twirls soaked in a sticky syrup, Tasty and addictive.

Gulab Jaman

Gulab Jaman is a sweet fried dough-ball in syrup. Perfect for people with a sweet tooth and who loves delicious…

Gajar Halwa

Made with a combination of freshly chopped carrot, milk, sugar, ghee and nuts all mixed together with sweetened milk.

Kulfi Falooda

Kulfi Falooda is another traditional dessert made with lovely vermicelli noodles bathed in a chilled and tasty milky sauce.

Kulfi Ice-Cream

Kulfi Ice-Cream is a tasty Indian-inspired ice-cream flavoured with pistachio and cardamom. We love this one.

Raas Gulla

Raas Gulla is a traditional Indian speciality made with balls of cheena and semolina dough in a delicious sticky syrup.

Cheesecake and Gateaux

We stock an amazingly tasty range of Cheesecake’s and Gateaux’s including Strawberry, raspberry and chocolate. Great for kids.

Fresh Fruit Salad Boat

Our popular Fresh Fruit Salad Boat is made from freshly sliced and diced fruit served on a unique bamboo boat.…


A delicious and freshly made Cornish ice-cream made from the finest ingredients all sourced in Great Britain and Ireland.